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The Worms Crawl out


Model is Jennifer aka Jayla with real live worms
Yes, because she's so awesome she came up with this idea.

I couldn't help but submit this...
there is a series and a concept to this.
But I'm too lazy at the moment to put them up together.
It's a before and after concept.
The first portion is images of the model mourning at a graveyard, this second portion is her being buried alive.
Hopefully I'll get around to putting up a diptych or something
of the different images together, the whole process that is.

This was a really fun photo shoot. And one of the messiest I have ever done, EVER. My studio was a mess afterwards. We brought mud and dirt inside and intended to use cardboard as a coffin like, underground effect with the mud on it... but the cardboard ended up so damp that it wouldn't stand up properly. I worked with it anyways. But she was a complete mess afterwards and I had to help her pick all the worms out of her hair and out of her clothes afterwards.

I'll put a mature content filter on this so as not to offend anybody this time.....
Any inappropriate or offensive comments will be hidden and you will be blocked.

The rest of this series:

©opyright me and the model 2008
No worms were harmed in the making of this
Please fullview


Thank you so much `Katerina423 for the DD!!!!
Thank you everyone for viewing!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2008-07-07
The Worms Crawl In by =PorcelainPoet portrays a deeply disturbing situation. In this dark and seemingly confined space, only the worms can hear her scream. I dare you to not squirm in you chair as you as you take in this horrible scene. ( Featured by Katerina423 )
An incredibly powerful image that repulse me yet I can't stop looking at it. ;)

The tight composition is perfect and the dull lighting works beautifully, reminding me of defused moonlight seeping in.

I am very impressed with your model's fortitude to allow live worms to slither in her eye sockets and her facial expression can't be anything else but entirely real - it's the worm crawling in[out?] of her mouth that really does my head in. :faint:

Apologies that this isn't much of critique because basically I can't fault this image. Composition, lighting, perspective, tones - all working together in an incredibly powerful and very creepy image. :clap:
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
32 out of 34 deviants thought this was fair.

I liked the overall theme and she really does look terrified. The worm in the mouth was also a nice touch. You're very talented with lighting and colours. The dirt is also perfect.

I also like the fact that she has blonde hair. Unintentional or not, it gives her more of an innocent appearance, making her suffering seem worse.

I do, however, feel that the worms could have been arranged a bit more scattered around on the edges. It does look like it's been placed over carefully.

Other than that, I think you did a great job and a splendid execution indeed.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
1 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.

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Sauti-Alamisi Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My worst nightmare. Worms crawling in my body. :saddummy: Good shot though!!
AnnikaAstra Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
So raw and intense. wow.
PorcelainPoet Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
Thank you! :)
Machinegun-Willy Featured By Owner May 12, 2012
Woooooormmmmssss! It reminds me of The Hearse Song from one of the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books I remember reading when I was a kid.

Don't you ever laugh as the hearse goes by,
For you may be the next to die.
They wrap you up in a big white sheet
From your head down to your feet.
They put you in a big black box
And cover you up with dirt and rocks.
All goes well for about a week,
Then your coffin begins to leak.
The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out
The worms play pinochle on your snout.
They eat your eyes, they eat your nose,
They eat the jelly between your toes.
A big green worm with rolling eyes
Crawls in your stomach and out your eyes
Your stomach turns a slimy green,
And pus pours out like whipping cream.
You spread it on a piece of bread,
And that's what you eat when you are dead.
superstrudel Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012
DeSiGn-LoVeR Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
Featured in my journal BeaAty oF tHe daRk !
the-photographicpoet Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I saw this, and I still love it. Absolutely disgustingly gorgeous.
PorcelainPoet Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011
:D thank you!
TheHalfBEAST Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Student General Artist
productno49 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Professional General Artist
Great work. I really like when people take the photography process to the extreme, instead of putting fake blood all over the subject.
Though that doesnt mean that i find those worms disgusting :)
PorcelainPoet Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011
Thank you :)
KeenaChan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010  Student General Artist
Oh man. She's got balls, posing for that. Excellent work. <3
pullingcandy Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello; you have been featured in Color Me Macabre: Earth and Seasons. Thank you for posting such wonderful art!
PorcelainPoet Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010
Thank you! Creative idea for a news article :)
pullingcandy Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
:D I had to do SOMETHING after my other one ended :)
Bonbonna Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010
Real worms? OMG! O_O
joeytheberzerker Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010  Professional General Artist
Oh yes!!!! I love it, awesome work!!!!! Congrats!!!!

PorcelainPoet Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
Thank you!
Koopa90 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
"The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out. The ones that crawl in are lean and thin
The ones that crawl out are fat and stout. Your eyes fall in and your teeth fall out.
Your brains come tumbling down your snout"

- The Worms, by The Pogues.
Afflict-The-Masses Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
Ahh, this made my eyes water! It's really well done. :heart:
amira-demonica13 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010
the title reminded me of a poem i read in 2nd grade (in a book of scary stories) o . o

jeez, she's brave to let you put worms on her face. D8 i'd never be able to do that...
ReachingFlames Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010  Professional Photographer
So impressive!!!
ibenathan Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I absolutely love this shot :love:
art-of-gore Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2010  Professional
damn is so pathologic and necrophilic!
i like this worms;):horns:
JENNNNNNNN Featured By Owner May 12, 2010
XpiecemealX Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010  Professional Photographer
Well done! I didn't see this on the DD. I guess it slipped by.
krorykins-15 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010
^^ i was the 1000th favouriter. just thought id let you know that this one won.
PorcelainPoet Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010
Aww thank you! :heart: I updated my journal, with credit to you! :D
krorykins-15 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010
^^ thanks!
marianarf Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010  Student Photographer
I gave 999 x)
DeathOfATragedy Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very disturbing. :)
Jasmine-Jean Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010   General Artist
Good god, fantastic job with this one, that's horrifying!
JSteinman Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww gross :puke: that freaked me out xDD and the filter made it even worse; not knowing what was to pop up xDD besides the grossness :puke: I'm impressed with this shot! :nod: How you could make the worms stay in place is AWESOME :wow: And like the critique mentioned, I'm also impressed with your model :lol: she must've had a GRAND time with those worms :rofl:
MiaVanderson Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Great shot!
fantasio Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
wonderfull, one of my favorite pieces of the "obscene seduction" album :heart:
PorcelainPoet Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010
Thank you very much! :) I haven't received my copy yet, but I'm very eager to admire it's pages once it's here! ;)
fantasio Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
you can have a little preview here: [link] ;-)
Neon-Light-Cortege Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2010  Student General Artist
thats so cool.....the model is so freak out if i had worms on my face....hi5
blk-kitti Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010
Vividly emotional and very striking imagery! Just LOVE the lighting in this, too- so passionate and appropriate for this work!
chasingafteryou Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010
I really enjoy this piece. I look at it and it half makes me want to vomit profusely and cleanse myself repeatedly.. but the other half of me is asking myself how it would feel to be in that position, etc. I think that if you make people feel anything from photographs.. you are doing your job as a photographer. with this photo you have explored something morbid.. but intriguing. I think it is a great shot simply because even though most people won't admit it, we all have a morbid side.. we all think about death.. decay.. Beautiful overall.. and You had a very brave model ;)
PorcelainPoet Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010
Thank you for the in depth and thoughtful comment :) I really appreciate it. Honestly, on my less than great days I usually do think about death (not like suicide, but just the idea of it and when it will happen and what it will be like, etc). I wouldn't be surprised if it were a topic that lingers in most peoples minds. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's a part of life really. And the model here, well I just love her. :heart: This image wouldn't had been made possible without her.
chasingafteryou Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010
You are welcome :) And I understand what you mean about your model. There are some models that are just willing to go one step further to make sure you get a great image.. Even if it means doing something that may not seem that appealing.
EatingMyOwnFears Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010
wonderfully grotesque!
SoulxMonkey Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shit! Shit shit shit shit! I HATE YOU! :(

...Don't ask me why, but this is an instant favourite for me.

...Maybe because it elicited five 'shit!'s from me in a row.

Room57 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Excellent !!!
TheWiress Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
This is morbidly beautiful. I love the concept.
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
She is awesome to let worms crawl on her! I cant get my friends to do that lol! Excellent work, it looks fantastic.
deaddoll00 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*gag*....*gaaaaaag*. God, that's just...well, amazing. I applaud the model for being able to take that. The expression is perfect, all things considered. Brilliantly done.
IndifferentIsolation Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
This is awesome, reminds me of the film 'The Craft'. Great job and congrats on the DD :D :D
pump-kin-pie Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009

But it's your *coughincough* sanity and ingeniousity that lets us see our worst nightmares come alive and perhaps some sickly dreams were released by this photo too.
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June 27, 2008
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Jun 22, 2008, 4:19:11 PM